Marketing Plan

Phase One

In Phase 1 of your marketing plan we focus on lead generation. This is the process at the very top of your sales funnel. We help you create a plan that generates awareness, creates interest and sets the hook to capture leads.


In step one of this phase we work with you to discover your target market(s). We do this by evaluating your products and services, studying your current customer base and discovering your passions. This is the beginning of your marketing journey.


Once your target market is clearly defined we help determine what the needs are for this market. What are their problems and pain points? How does your service or product address that pain? Armed with this information we help you develop messages specifically designed to reach these market segments.


The final step in phase one is determining what delivery methods (media) you will use to reach that market. Where can you reach them? Where do they congregate and where do they get their information? We help you figure this out and put a plan in place that is the proper fit.

Phase 2

While Phase 1 is designed to generate awareness and is the very top of your sales funnel phase 2 is designed to pull people into the funnel by capturing their contact information and beginning to build a relationship with them. The goal is to ultimately move them from seeker to buyer. In this phase we help you decide the best tools and materials for your organization to do this well. We help faciltiate the development and launch of these systems.


The first step in phase two is to identify your "lead magnets" (the items you will use to entice people to give you their contact information) and the lead capture system (forms, either e-forms or paper forms) where they enter that information. Quality lead magnets (things of value that fill a need) along with an easy opt-in system should yield a steady flow of new leads.


Once you capture a lead it must go into a system that starts the nurturing process. This can be automated or manual and includes CRM systems, e-mail and newletter list, spreadsheets, etc. Entrants into these systems should begin recieving a methodical series of "touches" by you. You give these people value through these touches while blending in opportunties for them to try out your services and products.


Conversion is the point you have been working toward. This is when a potential customer becomes an actual customer by signing a contract or purchasing a product. In this step we will help you develop the sales mechanisms that make transactions easy and pleasant for the customer.

Phase 3

In phase three we help you develop the processes to turn your new customers into raving fans. You have spent a lot of money and effort to move them through your sales funnel. It is much more cost effective to turn them into repeat customers and word of mouth sales people than it will be to find a new customer.


Customer care involves the systems you utilize to provide order fulfilllment, packaging and timely shipment. These are your first opportunities to make an impression on your customer. Slow or incorrect order fulfillment or service delivery, poor quality control and unfriendly demeanor will ensure no repeat business. We help you develop systems that ensure these are done with excellence. Providing a first class experience will go a long way in building customer loyalty.


Just as you nurtured your leads you now need to nurture your customers. Follow up to ensure they are satisfied. Continue to send them updates and things of value. Find ways to show them they are important and as you do you can continue to sprinkle in new buying opportunties.


If you have done everything well to this point many customers will begin to recommend your products or services. You can also inspire them to do this with rewards and incentives for sharing. Their leads will enter your funnel and the cost of acquisition will be minimal.